SG Master Group

In compliance with the requirements of our BASC Control and Security Management System, the Mutual Business Associate in agreement with SERENDIPIA GROUP S.A.S commits to:

Article 1: Supply the necessary legal and operational documentation to our company in order to demonstrate its legal constitution and compliance with the regulations that regulate it.

Article 2: Ensure that the financial, tax, labor and foreign trade movements of your organization are complied with in accordance with Colombian law.

Article 3: Apply security controls in your establishments in order to guarantee safe and reliable processes in favor of a WIN – WIN in security and satisfaction between our company and you as a business associate.

Article 4: Report immediately to the relevant authorities inconsistencies detected in foreign trade operations carried out as a business associate, or if you do not carry out foreign trade operations, it is important to report any illegal activity that puts you or us at risk, all as a support to guarantee an adequate harmony between our negotiations.

In compliance with the requirements of our BASC Control and Security Management System, the Business Associate, in mutual agreement with SERENDIPIA GROUP S.A.S, authorizes us to:

Article 5: Based on my rights as the owner of the data and those provided for in the Constitution and the law, especially the right to know, update, rectify and delete my personal information, as well as the right to revoke the consent granted for the treatment of personal data, I authorize SERENDIPIA GROUP S.A.S to verify databases such as: Police, Comptroller’s Office, Attorney’s Office, Clinton List, United Nations List against Terrorism and all National and International lists that are necessary to consult for background checks belonging to the business associate, such as: the company, its legal representatives and company partners necessary to guarantee the reliability of our negotiations and contribute to the BASC management carried out by our company.

Article 6: Taking into account the foregoing, I voluntarily, previously, explicitly, informed and unequivocally authorize the company to process my personal data in accordance with the Company’s Personal Data Processing Policy and for the purposes related to its object. social and especially for legal, contractual, commercial purposes described in the Company’s Personal Data Processing Policy. The information obtained for the Treatment of my personal data has been provided voluntarily and is true.

Article 7: Also if it is considered pertinent between the business associate and SERENDIPIA GROUP to spread knowledge of the CSMS BASC among its shareholders and employees, it may be done in a planned manner, but if it is not considered necessary at this time, the Business Alliance for Secure Commerce BASC, has been established as a non-profit association, led by the business sector, whose objective is to promote within its associates the development and execution of preventive actions aimed at avoiding any illicit activity in the chain logistics, which in our case is considered in exports.

The BASC is a voluntary program that seeks, promotes and supports the strengthening of international trade security and protection standards. The BASC initiative reflects the commitment of companies to improve the conditions of their environment, and in turn, contributes to discouraging phenomena that harm the economic, fiscal and commercial interests of the country. The companies that develop productive activities, logistics, foreign trade, service provision and other activities complementary or related to foreign trade are an active part of the Coalition.

We appreciate your help in our BASC implementation and certification process.

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